Developing Passionate Followers of Christ Who Will Reach the World.

The First Baptist Church of Friendsville is comprised of people who want to worship the Lord, grow in Him, and tell others about His mercy and grace.  We seek to be a body of believers that bases all of its “faith and practice” upon the Word of God.  We have a desire to grow as wholehearted worshippers who live passionately for Jesus Christ.

Wholehearted Worship.

We desire to cultivate an environment where people personally encounter Jesus during corporate worship. We also believe this worship must flow out of a life lived daily for the glory of God.

The Gospel.

Because the message of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection is God’s power for salvation to all who believe, we seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ personally, collectively, locally, & globally.

Authentic Community.

Because God established the local church as a community of worshiping, growing, and serving believers, we commit to a shared life of encouragement, accountability and genuine love.

Biblical Truth.

Because the Bible is God’s truth, it is our sole authority and foundation for all we believe and practice. Knowledge of and obedience to God’s Word are essential to true life transformation.

Intentional Unity.

Because the church represents Christ, we will seek to promote and maintain unity within this church family. Unless there is clear biblical error, we will prioritize our oneness in Christ over our personal preferences.

Spiritual Growth.

Because disciples are to become like Christ, we seek to develop character, biblical knowledge and ministry skills in ourselves and others as a lifelong process toward maturity.

Traditional Family.

God began the institution of marriage and defined it as the union of one man and one woman. A husband is to love and lead his wife. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders of children in the home, so the church is to supplement, not lead in, their spiritual development.

Missional Living.

As disciples of Christ, we are each sent as missionaries to personally share the ministry and message of God’s love to all people. This requires intentionally aligning every area of our lives to this purpose.