To: FBCF Church Family

From: Pastor Bill

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Hi Folks!


I just wanted to fill you in on a few things…

– Father’s Day is this Sunday!  Let’s honor our heavenly Father by meeting together to worship His name.

– Remember, we start back to Sunday School this coming Sunday, June 21.  The kids will be in their regular classrooms, but all adults will meet in the auditorium for a combined S.S. for the next three Sundays.  Adults will begin meeting in regular classrooms on July 12.  Please join us.  (Remember, please choose a seat that you will remain in through the worship service.)

– Tanner & Lauren Tripp will be with us from mid-August until mid-October.  If you have a vehicle that they could use during this time home on furlough, please let me (or them) know.

– Our nation is going through a difficult and heartbreaking time right now.  We almost forgot about Covid-19 due to all the unrest that was initiated with the death of George Floyd.  Please pray for me as I seek to address this topic a bit this coming Sunday.

– Our Anniversary Offering has been postponed until Sunday, June 28, a week from Sunday.  Please be in prayer about giving sacrificially so that we can be the church the Lord wants us to be and do the ministry He calls us to.


I hope you have a great week.  Stay safe.  Take care.  See ya Sunday, Lord willing!


Love you folks!

Pastor Bill