Hi Folks,


Here are a few things going on or coming up that you need to be aware of…

– The survey that pertains to Sunday nights and Small Groups is now available on the church website.  Just click on the box on the home page.  Please take a minute and fill this out (one per family), or you can fill out a hard copy here at the church.  This will help us in planning and in our attempt to meet the spiritual needs of the body.  Thanks.

– We have really missed our church socials since Covid hit, but are ready to meet together again for our annual Ice-cream Social.  If you are new, we will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 p.m. on August 1.  Please bring some home-made ice-cream, or some other dessert, and plan on a fun time of fellowship together.

– We have a quarterly business meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m.  We do not have a lot of business to attend to at this time, so we will have a lesson afterwards.  We will begin that time with some GBQs, General Bible Questions.  So, if there is something you have always wanted to ask, we will take some anonymous, written questions and talk them through.  Please join us if you can.


Have a great day,

Pastor Bill