To: the FBCF Church Family

From: Pastor Bill

Monday, January 10, 2022


Hi Folks!  I trust this finds you well, and healthy!  Becky & I missed being with you yesterday.  I was able to avoid Covid for nearly two years, but it finally found me last week.  My symptoms have not been terrible, and at this point the fatigue is the main thing I am struggling with.  Becky has not shown any symptoms at this point.  By the way, Allen was among some of the others that have tested positive for Covid. 


Regarding church services, I have spoken with the Staff and Willard (Chairman of our Deacons) and we are all of the persuasion that we need to continue to meet, unless it gets worse (of course).  We actually had a decent attendance yesterday, under the circumstances.  It appears that sickness largely hit those on the stage – me and the Praise Team, and behind the scenes – the A/V Team.  Special thanks to Jono, Kylie, Michael, Scott & David and the rest of the “Remnant” in leading in the Worship Service yesterday!


Last week the Staff & Deacons had already had some conversation regarding Sunday night services.  There was a general consensus that a surge has once again made that an unwise course of action.  We will continue to hold off on those until further notice.  In the meantime, pray that our Small Groups will have discernment regarding when and if to meet.


Regarding this Wednesday night, I have rethought that for me personally.  I want to be back, but that is probably not wise.  I am sure there are some of you that will not feel safe being around me yet, and that is understandable.  So, I have a sub for Wednesday, and will plan on seeing you next Sunday, Lord willing!


So, it you are feeling under the weather, please stay home.  If you are feeling well, I hope you will join us for in-person events, studies and services as much as possible.  Your church family needs you and you need them!


Take care, be safe, stay well!


In Him,

Pastor Bill