To: FBCF Church Family

From: Pastor Bill

Monday, December 5, 2022


Hi Folks!

I hope your spirits today are brighter than the weather outside!  And they should be after the week we just had.  Some highlights…

– Our men had a great time at our bowling night activity.

– The women had nearly 100 ladies here for their tea & cookie event, and a few attendees made decisions for Christ!

– The Youth Retreat was tremendous with four teens giving their lives to Christ.  A fifth, a guest that attends another church, has also decided to accept Christ and is meeting with her pastor to discuss that decision!

– Apparently yesterday’s message was a timely help for a number of people.

– We got  to celebrate a dear brother’s life and homegoing during the service for Roger Burchett yesterday afternoon.

– On top of all of that, we had an excellent offering yesterday.  So much so that in mid-November we were over $38,000 behind budget in our receipts.  In the past four weeks we have erased over 60% of that deficit, and are now less than $15,000 behind!  May the Lord bless you for your faithful giving!


Moving forward…

– Please be inviting folks to attend our Christmas program (“Majesty”) this coming Sunday.

– No Elective this Wednesday night due to the big rehearsal for Sunday.  The Youth & AWANA both WILL BE meeting.

– If possible, please join us for our Quarterly Business Meeting on Wednesday, December 14, as this is always one of our most important meetings of the year.

– Please be inviting others to join you for our Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day services.

– NOTE:  Regarding Christmas Eve, if you and/or your family have a Christmas song you would like to share during the Christmas Eve service, please email me ( to coordinate.  We could have up to four or five in that special service.


Have a great rest of your week!  Get your shopping done early so you can slow down and enjoy the Christmas season.  May it be a time of celebrating the wonder that God would send His Son to this messed up world to be our Rescuer and Redeemer!!!


Love you folks!

Pastor Bill