Just For Men

(men only, ages 30s-60s)

Room 111

Led by Robb Clevenger

Women Trusting God

(women only, ages 30s-60s)

Room 311

Led by Tammie Wills & Susan Johnson


(“college & career,” ages 18-29)

Room 304

Led by Bryan & Tonya Greene

Young Married

(ages 20s-40s)

Room 300
Led by David & Ann Posey


(ages 30s-50s)
Room 202
Led by Frederick St. Hill &
Edmond Greene


(ages 50s-60s)
Room 306
Led by Ron Jarvis


(ages 60s-70s)
Room 302
Led by Jim Spears & Roger Burchett & Weston Smith

Faithful Servants
(ages 60s-80s)

Room 112
(Choir Room)
Led by David Hipps


(ages 70s-80s)
Room 210
Led by Ronny Everett

Sr. Adult Men

(men only, ages 60s-80s)

Room 114
Led by Bill Funk & Jim Roach


(women only, ages 60s-80s)
Room 120
Led by Jennifer Roach

We invite you to connect & experience what the gospel means both intellectually and relationally in one of our Sunday School Discipleship groups.  Our Sunday School groups dig deep into Biblical texts for a greater understanding of who God is.  In order to build spiritual maturity, fellowship with believers of same ages/backgrounds, and to make authentic disciples of Jesus Christ… we encourage everyone in our church to be apart of one of these groups.