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Parents, on Friday, February 28, the youth will be having a “Progressive Meal.”  A progressive meal is when you travel as a group to a home to have an appetizer, then travel to another home for the main course, and lastly, to a third house for dessert.  It is a fun night for the youth as they bond with one another and have the opportunity to spend time in a home other than their own.

Each stop lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Pastor Bill and Becky have graciously opened their home for the appetizer segment, but I am needing two more homes for the main course and the dessert. If you would be willing to have a group of fine teenagers invade your home for half an hour, I would be very grateful!

Just to let you know, the youth were given three choices of types of food:  Mexican, Italian, or American.  Would you know… they chose to have American!

Please let me know ASAP if you are up to the task. It will be a blessing for our young people and hopefully a blessing for you!

All expenses that you have in preparing the food will be reimbursed to you.  Just give me a receipt.

For more information, contact Scott Kidd.