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Who Told You It Would Be Easy?

Pastor Bill Gowder: Acts 13:4-13; 14:8-19 Ministry and the advancing the gospel is physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally exhausting. But the redemption of man kind is worth it!

Waiting in the Shadows

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 13:1-4
What marks a church that is Spirit-filled as it thrives in the world of constant change

Waiting in the Shadows

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 11:19-16
We don’t like waiting. We want to get to work now. While God has us waiting, he is cultivating new attitudes within us.

Providing a Little Encouragement

Pastor Bill Gowder: Acts 9:23-31
We all have needed a little encouragement at some point, even if you are the Apostle Paul. Four times Baranabas shows us encouragement.

Silence and Solitude

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Galatians 1:10-18
our daily lives are filled with a noisy shallowness. While God calls us to depth in him through silence and solitude.

Welcome to the Family

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 9:1-9
We often complicate conversion requirements rather than rejoicing and saying “Welcome to the family”.