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Mad Obsession With Hope

Pastor Drew Elgersma Acts 26:1-32 Paul stands before King Agrippa II and the who’s who of Caesarea. Paul is declared to be out of his mind. Though he stands before them physically in chains, Paul declares through the gospel to all who stand before him the spiritual freedom he has because of his living hope in Christ.

Milestone Sunday

Celebrating Pastor Bill’s 12 years of faithful leadership as God leads us into the future. Pastor Bill transitions to Pastor Emeritus and Pastor Drew transitions into Lead Pastor. We are so blessed to be apart of what God has done, is doing, and will do as we pursue and follow him.

Running with Horses

Pastor Bill Gowder: Jeremiah 12:1-7. Jeremiahs testimony is one to be coveted. As you read more and more about his life, you see the turmoil and hard circumstances he walks and lives through. As he does so, he draws closer and closer to God.

Hostile Lies and Peaceful Truths

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 21:27-22:23. Paul is dragged out of the temple, lies levied against him, and his breath nearly taken from his lungs as he is beat death by a hostile horde of Jews. Through it all Paul responds with a heart attitude filled by respect, peace, unwavering faith in God’s sovereignty, and a burning passion for lost souls and God’s glory.

Knowing the Unknown

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 17:16-34. Paul stands before an astute gathering of Athenian intellectuals and establishes six attributes of the “unknown” God to a lost and “knowing” world. He does so by starting at creation and moving through the bible storyline.