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Trust, But Verify

Pastor Bill Gowder: Acts 17. Paul preaches to the churches in Thessalonica and Berea. A contrast of one church repelling the gospel, while the other trusts, but verifies.

Gospel Kaleidoscope

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 16:14-34. One of the beauty’s of this passage is the simplicity of the gospel being proclaimed and the lives that are transformed by the power of the gospel. The gospel transforms 3 different lives through three different perspectives, intellectual, spiritual, and moral. All of this shows the kaleidoscope of people the gospel has pulled together from darkness to life for His glory!

Gospel Eyes

Pastor Bill Gowder: Matthew 2:1-8.
We all have eyes to see physically, but are our eyes seeing as God’s eyes do, for the Gospel? .

Missing Jesus

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Luke 10:38-42.
In a world full of delightful distractions and details, it’s all too easy to miss Jesus during Christmas.

Who Told You It Would Be Easy?

Pastor Bill Gowder: Acts 13:4-13; 14:8-19 Ministry and the advancing the gospel is physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally exhausting. But the redemption of man kind is worth it!

Waiting in the Shadows

Pastor Drew Elgersma: Acts 13:1-4
What marks a church that is Spirit-filled as it thrives in the world of constant change