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Our Livestream had to be interrupted this morning. Here is the recording from 8/2 service:

We are back to in-person services, so join us this Sunday at 10:15 a.m. for our worship service.  If, for some reason, you are not able to attend in person, check back here at that time to see the service online.


BACK-TO-SCHOOL-KICKOFF again this year, and the details are as follows…

When: Saturday, August 8, 2020 from 6-8 p.m.

Where: Gym Counts, 1824 Clydesdale St., Maryville, TN 37801

Who: Anyone ages 4 yrs. old – 5th grade!

Pizza provided! Parents CAN drop off.


FBCF Church Family Update July 15th, 2020

To: FBCF Church Family

From: Pastor Bill

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Hi Folks!


A lot is going on, so let me skim over some of what is happening so that you can be informed and so that you can pray about some things.

– VBS is off to really good start, all things considered (like Covid-19).  We have 46 kids enrolled, with 41 coming Monday night and 43 last night.  That is over half of our normal number, but times are not normal right now, huh?  Keep praying for VBS!

– Nancy Williams had a knee replacement yesterday and Tab Leath had one this morning.  Both are doing well.  Nellie Peak has cataract surgery tomorrow.

– I saw the neurosurgeon yesterday and am scheduled for a fusion in my back on August 19.  I had the disc between my S1 & L5 trimmed out in November 2016 and then again in December of 2017, and there little disc left, and a nerve is being pinched.  While it will be a longer (3-4 hours) surgery and more invasive, I am ready to (hopefully, finally) get this taken care of.  MY plan is for this to be the last.  By the way, I preached a few times with my brace on so that I could stand.  I felt great while speaking, but paid a price.  I struggled the rest of the day and could barely get out of bed on Mondays.  I just wanted to explain that so you will know why I will likely sit while speaking until my surgery.

– All things considered, we had a really good Anniversary Offering.  Not counting our monthly mortgage payments and the principle that goes to pay down the debt, we have contributions going to the debt reduction from three avenues: (1) the weekly or monthly contributions that are made, (2) our annual Anniversary Offering which was just taken, and (3) the periodic payments that we make in our business meetings when we have extra funds due to over budget giving and/or under budget spending.  Comparing last year to this year (thus far), here is where we stand…


2019 Weekly Contributions                $ 31,325 (1)

2019 Anniversary Offering                 $ 22,585 (2)

2019 General Fund Transfer              $ 25,000 (3)

Total 2019 Debt Reduction                 $ 78,910


2020 Weekly Contributions               $ 26,279 (1)

2020 Anniversary Offering                 $ 21,678 (2)

2020 General Fund Transfer             $ 20,000 (3)                                         

Total 2020 Debt Reduction                 $ 67,957


While our Anniversary Offering was just under what was given last year, more people are giving throughout the year, so our weekly/monthly giving is well ahead of pace compared to last year.  In similar fashion, we are well ahead of pace compared to last year in transferring funds from the general fund.  That is due to your faithful giving in spite of the challenges we have faced this spring and summer in being able to meet.  Let’s continue to be faithful and see this debt eliminated and Phase 2 become a reality!

– Remember that we are back into our Sunday School classrooms.  Again, if you are not quite ready for that, the Young Married class (taught by Jason Hammontree and myself) is meeting in the Fellowship Hall, where we can spread out, and you are welcome to join us.  We had several from other classes join us last week.

– Lastly, if you got a weird email from me this morning, I did not that send that.  Someone is using my name and running a scam.


Well, that is a lot.  Thanks for taking the time to go over all of this.  Again, please keep praying for VBS and the folks listed above.  See ya Sunday, Lord willing.  Love you folks!


In Him,

Pastor Bill

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